About Penny

Penny LeischI offer reasonable rates and the benefit of corporate experience in management, human resources, consulting, and job coaching, to help people at all career levels find great jobs.  If you face special obstacles, I know how to handle employment gaps, age, re-entry, disability, and other difficult situations.

You also get the inside scoop about the newest trends in automated interviews, automated resume processing, job board posting, social media pros and cons, handling awkward questions, relocation decisions, and dealing with phone or Skype interviews. Check the services page for more information.

Why resumes and career services?

Why do I offer resumes and career services? I like working with people, and a strong corporate background allows me to help you succeed in an increasingly complicated job market.


My experience in the corporate world spans banking, IT, and social services, as an employee and manager, and later as co-owner of IRMWare, a custom software company. In 1991, I assumed responsibility for advertising, marketing, family software product design, project management, production, training, and the budget of IRMWare Services, which also became an IBM business partner. I also spent some years writing full time, when caring for elderly parents required a more flexible work schedule.

After becoming a Certified Life Coach, I continued to expand my skills through addition studies. You deserve to be the best you can be every day, and your career success depends on that. To provide the best coaching available. I completed the requirements for certification as a Master Life Coach.

Health and Nutrition Coach Certification BadgeYou may also benefit from the opportunity to get help improving your physical condition and diet. Both are very important parts of your long-term success. Health and stamina are closely linked with career success. Together, we can build new skills, increase your confidence, and position you to enjoy even greater success in all areas of life.

Writing Projects & Experience

As a writer, my career experience benefits all customers. Formatting is important on resumes and cover letters, but writing skill is critical, especially if you need to overcome hiring barriers due to layoffs, age, criminal record, or other issues. I love to write and accept many types of writing projects.

My experience includes a wide range of projects. A few are listed below.

  • Writing/photography workshops for WriteCraft, Inspired2Write, and the City of Tempe, Arizona
  • Parenting material for Garden and Hearth
  • User manuals for Walsh America
  • Travel features for Camping & RV Magazine
  • Family activities columns for Camping & RV Magazine and Warner Wrangler newspaper
  • Monthly pet care articles and photos for Loving Pets Magazine and Florida Pet Book

I was also a member of the editorial team for the Story Circle Network cookbook, Kitchen Table Stories, as well as a first round judge two years running for the Sarton Memoir Awards.

In addition, two anthologies published by Adams Media contain stories I wrote. Like A Rock appears in Cup of Comfort for Mothers & Sons and Honey, appears in The Healing Touch of Horses.

Personal Trivia

Twenty years of animal rescue work seems to have made me something of a pet expert too. I was honored to be a guest speaker for Animal Talk Naturally at the Virtual Dog Expo and thoroughly enjoyed an interview with DogCastRadio, located in the UK. I’m a Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE) and President of Catnip Casa Cat Refuge and Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care.

I live in Austin, Texas, and my office assistants include several four-legged editorial consultants that are well-trained in keeping the office chair warm. During leisure time, I cultivate antique roses and seek new additions to the edible landscape around my home.