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Why do you need a Master Resume Bootcamp?

Take a look at what Google looks for in resumes.

How does yours stack up? This is your competition, even if your goal is not to work at Google. Resumes are more than just a fact sheet.

Never scramble to find the information for your resume.

Have everything at your fingertips for the rest of your career. After you build this foundation and learn to use it, you never have to do it again. It’s great insurance for an emergency too. Key information is always available.

Send a resume custom-fitted to a job in less than an hour–whenever a great opportunity comes up.

The best results come from making your resume fit each job. Sounds like a lot of work, right? It doesn’t have to be. My system makes it easy to pick out information and customize every resume.

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Know your resume can compete with the best candidates, even those that pay resume services.

Automated resume systems (ARS) are getting better, but they still get confused by strange formatting, acronyms that mean different things in different industries, and things like consulting jobs with many companies and dates. My system makes handling information easy and accurate.

Never forget important details that might get you hired.

It’s an awful feeling to realize you didn’t get the job and know you forgot a key piece of information that might have put you on top of the list–if only. My system ensures that doesn’t happen. You won’t forget it in your resume, cover letter, or when you prepare for your interviews.

Your resume is your first interview.

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Often, there are hundreds of applicants for one job. When you’re competing for one job, even 25 people is a LOT! The better the job, the higher the level of competition. There may be fewer people, but they are much better qualified.  If your resume doesn’t cut it, you won’t get a chance to impress the employer in an interview.

How you word your resume and statements in the resume is more important than the format.

But, if the format is not easy to read, it won’t matter what you say. Managers spend an average of 90-SECONDS to decide whether to consider you. Remember, I write resumes for people earning 6 -figure salaries, and most get several offers. I can show you what works.

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