Interview Preparation and Coaching

Interview Preparation and Coaching

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By email and/or phone $15/15 minutes ($60/hour)

  • Interview preparation and coaching includes providing current resources, discussing and role-playing interview questions, and handling delicate topics such as illegal questions, being fired, lengthy unemployment, appropriate dress for today’s market and your targeted job, as well as addressing your personal questions and concerns.
  • Credit cards are accepted through PayPal, after project estimates and payment terms are agreed upon.
  • Before you go, check out the 4 Quick Resume & Interview Tips below.


Experience in corporate marketing, human resources, teaching, business administration, writing, and small business consulting, backs Penny’s work. You receive professional service with a commitment to detail and deadlines. Penny continually maintains current business and technical skills.

Projects or Services over $99 may qualify for payments on PayPal. Check it out!

4 Quick Resume & Interview Tips

  1. Many lists of sample interview questions are available online. Do a search for interview questions. Then, do mock interviews with a friend. If you are transitioning or have a difficult problem to overcome, hire someone to coach you.
  2. If a resume service makes changes that make you uncomfortable, don’t accept it and don’t use it. Employers check references and do background checks. Some services make changes that can get you fired later for omission or misstatement. Better to be out the money than the job. If you are in this position, talk to me. I’ll do my best to fix the problem at the lowest possible cost.
  3. Hire a resume writer that will take time to talk to you in depth, as well as gather written information. I personally interview everyone to collect information. Each resume is a custom project. Your career is unique and your resume should be too.
  4. Don’t use the same resume for online submissions that you mail or hand out at an interview. Many systems garble the result, regardless of what they say they accept. Use a left justified, block format, text resume with a section of key words at the very end. This resume has to be compatible with electronic processing systems. However, it doesn’t have to be unattractive. Need some help? If you have a resume you like, I can set up a resume formatted for electronic submissions. My rates are reasonable and these can be done without additional consultation time.