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If you are looking for resume testimonials, please read the scrolling testimonials in the widget at the bottom of this page. The testimonials listed below are for a variety of writing projects. They offer a wider scope of others’ experience working with me.

Editing Family Memoir

“I cannot express the gratitude I feel for the excellence and professionalism shown me during the recent development of a manuscript. Penny was in tune to the flavor, the style, and the nature of the project, along with being sensitive to the urgency to get it finalized. She did not hesitate to ask questions to better understand the where, why, and what for involved. She openly made recommendations, but did not force them into the project. Her recommendations came with explanations and points to consider. She was courteous and very prompt in her turn around. I thank her for every part she played in the development and completion of this project. ”
Mona R,  Texas

Editor’s Reference

“I’ve worked with Penny during the past year on many projects for Loving Pets Magazine. She has never missed a deadline, in fact, she is always early. Her articles have been well written, insightful, and informative. She does her research on the projects requested and relays the sources where her information was obtained.”
Debbie Norwitz, Editor

Tempe Workshop Students

“..presented well…” D.P.
“..info of real value…” L.L.
“..practical suggestions…” B.G.
” ..excellent course..extremely helpful…” S.A.

Two out of five students successfully landed their first assignment during this workshop, and most students requested additional classes.

Tutoring/Editing – College Student

“Your editing assistance and tutoring made my work more powerful. … I had the same paper evaluated by another Professor and he also gave me a perfect score…” M.J., Kaplan College

Web Copy

You are a good writer and a pleasure to work with. I thank you for writing for Allwoodwork.

computer in officeWriteCraft Online Workshop

“This is the class to take for writers who want  to offer photographs when they query a magazine. Look, I know most of us are writers, not photographers but, in today’s market, it’s just smart to offer what editors want–and they want photographs. That’s why I decided to add a new skill to my resume, and this course is geared to writers.

The course is divided into weekly modules, and I learned something valuable each week.  I saved all the course material, so I can check back later when I need to refresh my memory.

Best of all, I got great personal feedback.  Penny’s comments helped me see where I could improve my photographs.  I thought the comments were worth as much as the lessons themselves.”
K.R. (Tucson, AZ)

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