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What do you want to write today?

The first impression of you or your business usually comes from a written platform, with or without visual content, such as Facebook or your website. Employers consider your resume as the first interview. A video includes hashtags and a post or a script you wrote to cover information to share. Writing takes practice. Good writing takes experience, and blending writing and technology requires training. I offer all three in one place. (More Services)

  • Writing, proofreading, editing, and repurposing website and social media content
  • AI content development (engineer, clean up, plagiarism checks)
  • Academic editing and coaching
  • Grants and fundraising copy for nonprofits
  • Grant research (8 years of experience)
  • Communication coaching for business professionals
  • Corporate biographies
  • Annual Report content
  • Book reviews
  • Speeches, ceremonies, obituaries, eulogies
  • Fact-checking your material or materials used or presented by others
  • Editing—Substantive, copyediting, line editing, developmental
  • Tutoring for students (high school and college)
  • Business communication workshops (customer communication, email, and more)
  • Family projects—personal history, cookbooks, and more

Writing is the foundation used to share ideas through texts, email, and social media every day.

Simple mistakes can change the entire meaning. That’s why proofreading is so important. We all miss mistakes, especially after working hard and rereading content many times. Our brain tends to read what should be there instead of what is written. Don’t ruin that important first impression. Save time and money. Don’t do it alone. Call me.

Writing is a key factor in personal and professional success.

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