• Ready to find a good job, move up, change jobs, re-enter the workforce?
  • Tired of submitting resumes and not getting calls?
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  • Worrying about your resume passing the test of automated systems?
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I can teach you how to fix all of those problems and more. I create resumes that earn 6-figure job offers! Not everyone makes 6-figures, but what I do for them clearly works. It will for you too! I teach you my system. This isn’t just how to write a resume. It’s how to use your information and make it work for you. So, check out the testimonials at the bottom of this page. Then, get ready for more success.

No spam. We don’t share your information. You have access to me for questions and information. Get the inside scoop on new trends in automated interviews, automated resume processing, job posting services, social media pros and cons, awkward interview questions, relocation, and dealing with phone or Skype interviews.

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