Why hire me?

why hire me is what the person is writing about on the tablet in the photo

  • My resume services are top quality and among the most reasonable prices you’ll find for personal one-on-one service. WHen you hire me, you won’t get calls from a call center, remote assistants, or secretaries.
  • I respect others in the industry and don’t see any need to reinvent the wheel. If what you have is good, I’ll tell you and save you time and money.
  • My goal is to make my site one-stop shopping and give you the tools you need in one place. A job search is time-consuming and tiring.  You don’t need run-around and sales pressure.

Why hire me? Why increase your stress by searching online for hours and reading dozens of articles to ascertain which information seems to be the best?

I read dozens of articles every week. Sometimes an article from 2005 applies today. Other times, the market and technology change within months, as do the economic conditions and job market. The material on this site is reviewed regularly. While we don’t all agree on every aspect, that’s true of any industry, and I’ll do what makes sense for you and what works in your industry. I do resumes for mechanics, upper-level management, C-level, and everything in between.

A detailed questionnaire consolidates and organizes your information. No point in paying for my time while you dig through a box for the name of a company you worked for years ago. After I receive the questionnaire, I do an in-depth phone consultation to really understand what you need and how to help you obtain an offer for the perfect position. If you need special accommodation, send your resume with a note or contact me, and I’ll complete the information through a phone interview.

Resume mistakes carry more weight than ever in a highly competitive job market. Today, your resume is considered your first interview! Success depends on more than your great style and top-notch job skills. No one sees your great presentation skills or sparkling personality if you don’t get an interview. That’s why you hire me. Current style, appropriate length, correct spelling, and proper grammar are vital. How it is worded is vital.

How to submit resumes online to job boards and employers is an important topic too. Almost all jobs require online submission. Even when the submission form says it accepts MS Word or other formats, the result can be a very jumbled resume on the other end. Do you know how to be sure that doesn’t happen? Do you know securing an interview through networking or being a C-level doesn’t exempt you from the automated systems?

What not to do on LinkedIn is often more important than what you should do. Lately, social media pages have become a challenge, even for pros. There’s a fine line between giving out too much information and not appearing credible. If you are out of work and on a tight budget, just how important is paying for an upgrade on LinkedIn? The answer is, it depends on your position, industry, and goals. There is no single standard answer. You’d be surprised how fast I can help you answer these questions. It doesn’t take long sessions or a huge investment.

Send a note and let’s talk.