Job Loss, Dangerous To Your Health?

While the reasons job loss can endanger your health vary and there’s controversy about the causes, the facts are indisputable. You need to take better care of yourself and work hard to stay in good shape when you are under stress,  regardless of the reason.

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Job loss can cause you more problems than wearing red shoes with a blue outfit.

According to a recent blog post by Interns Over 40, a paper published last year by Kate W. Strully, a sociology professor at the State University of New York at Albany states that people who lose a job experience 83 percent greater chance of suffering stress-related health problems. Such problems include diabetes, arthritis, or psychiatric issues.

Job Loss Can It Kill You is an excellent article for employers and employees. Awareness and preventive actions are the first steps toward lessening the chance a job loss will have unintended consequences. The site page that hosts this article is rather a mess, but scroll down to the little guy with a thermometer in his mouth and you’ll find the article.