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If you are shopping for writing services, I know you have questions about me and my experience. For those who want to cut to the chase and see what I’ve done and read testimonials, here is a link to check out WritingTestimonials. I’ve been writing for a long time and keep my skills constantly honed. Still, I know some people want to know why I haven’t published in commercial publications recently.

It’s a simple answer. I was blind. I lost my vision because of a disease that interfered with surgery for severe cataracts. Years of searching for a way to do surgery produced no result until the new Dell Medical School came to Austin. With it came a new eye institute and specialists willing to tackle the problem. After four eye surgeries within a year, along with a year to recover completely, my vision is good enough to work again. Meanwhile, I continued to write resumes, post blogs, do interviews, write grants, manage two websites, and take Google technical certification courses (listed on LinkedIn) during recovery–all of which kept my skills sharp. (Portfolio)


My current technical skills and experience allow me to handle projects from start to finish and take project management headaches off your hands. While my focus is on writing, my understanding of the technology used in different media formats allows me to create content that works well for you. Writing is no longer just writing. SEO protocol helps get your voice found on the internet and social media crowd, along with the proper use of tags, hashtags, keywords, structure, and more. AI can generate content, but a person needs to vet it for tone, style, and plagiarism to avoid bad publicity.

If you need a professional resume, the first thing most people want to know about me is why I’m the best choice to help you succeed. The simple answer is a strong corporate background, excellent writing skills, HR experience, and technical training allow me to help you succeed in a complicated job market. Automated resume systems and automated interviews bring new technology-related challenges to the job market. I know the hiring processes that take place within large and small businesses, as well as the recruiting process and what employers want. I welcome people from the labor and service industries and professionals at all levels. Students are also welcome.

Learn More About Me

You may choose to work with me on one writing project or many, or you may want a series of coaching sessions. Coaching can develop academic writing skills, provide feedback and guidance on professional papers, improve interview performance, or work on career development/education planning. Whatever your goals, it is an honor to be a part of your journey. Keeping my eye on the pulse of women’s writing is also one of my priorities. I’m a member of Story Circle Network, NABBW (National Association of Baby Boomer Women), and WNBA (Women’s National Book Association).

Coaching for business projects, virtual assistance, and technical projects and support services is sold in blocks of time, called a debit card system. It’s a simple system for both of us. The menu provides information on the prices for interview coaching and resume development. 

Take advantage of a free 30-minute call to explore the options available to you. No hard sell. This call is not about me. Bring your coffee and book your call now.

Business Background

Corporate experience covers banking, IT, social services, nonprofit administration and leadership, and co-ownership of a custom software company. As co-owner of a small custom software company, responsibilities included advertising, marketing, family software product design, project management, consultant staffing, production, training, and budget management. IRMWare became an IBM business partner in less than four years. Real-world business success and experience back my advice. As a writer, publications span website content, creative nonfiction, nonfiction, book reviews, book judging, writing and photography workshops, newspapers, and magazines.

Certified Master Life Coach badgeCoaching Experience & Certifications

As a Certified Master Life Coach, I go beyond writing a resume. You receive resources and ideas to support your personal needs and goals. As a business owner and nonprofit executive, I also know what it takes to run a business end-to-end, whether it’s a small business, nonprofit organization, or corporation. From coaching to virtual assistance in a number of areas, if I can’t do it, I am happy to find the right resources for you.

Health and Nutrition Coach Certification BadgeYou may also benefit from the opportunity to improve your physical condition and diet. No judgment here! We don’t have to talk about it unless you ask. Still, health and stamina affect career and business success. Together, we can build new skills, change habits, increase confidence, and position you to enjoy greater success in all areas of life.

Resumes & Writing

Formatting is important on resumes and cover letters, but writing is critical. How well your skills fit the job requirements makes or breaks your chances. The resume is your first interview. This is especially true if you face hiring barriers because of layoffs, age, a criminal record, or a disability. Hiring managers only have your resume to remind them of who you are after the interview. So invest in yourself. Hiring managers reject over 61% of resumes that are not targeted specifically to the job.

Your resume sells your skills and qualifications. As your career progresses, corporate publications may require you to provide biographies (bios). If you are an entrepreneur, bios describe you, your company, board members, and sometimes even the staff. Corporate officers also need bios for brochures, annual reports, and websites. This information usually originates from historical documents and resumes. Be sure your story stands out–in a good way–for employers, customers, investors, grants, and more.

Nonprofit Experience & Personal Trivia About Me

Twenty years of animal rescue work made me something of a pet expert too. I was honored to be a guest speaker for Animal Talk Naturally at the Virtual Dog Expo, and I thoroughly enjoyed an interview with DogCastRadio, in the UK.

I’m a Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE), as well as the founder and President of Catnip Casa Cat Refuge. That requires the hands-on management of people and a business every day. Grant research and writing are essential to keep this organization afloat. So again, I deal with donors, volunteers, and websites day in and day out, practicing the services and skills I offer. I write in many places every day.

Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE) Credential

NANOE describes the credential this way. Striking the balance between managing volunteer board members, administrators, front-line staff, programs, finance, and fundraising presents nonprofit managers with a perfect storm of corporate oversight challenges. Practitioners with CNE training and certification learn new ways to prioritize capacity-building that ensure they successfully negotiate the tumultuous challenges of nonprofit administration. Certified Nonprofit Executives become capacity-building experts (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and CDOs) that a charitable enterprise needs to expand its mission.

My Office

My home is in Austin, Texas, and I virtually consult with clients in any location. Several four-legged editorial consultants help keep the office chair warm. During my leisure time, I search for fresh additions to an edible landscape around my home.