Resume FAQs

Everyone has questions about hiring someone to write their resume. Got one I didn’t cover? Send it to me, I’ll be happy to answer. Just click on the CONTACT button in the sidebar.

penny with spider headbandWhy hire someone to write my resume?

Most people aren’t skilled writers. Your resume shouldn’t be as scary as my Halloween headband! Consistency, proper formatting, correct grammar and punctuation, work together to create a professional image. Beyond that, there’s the constantly evolving technology in automated HR systems that process resumes, as well as the online job boards. Proper formatting, keywords, and file format, determine whether your resume makes it through the system or never gets seen.

Besides keeping up with the news and professional articles, I attend seminars and webinars to maintain current skills. These educational offerings are put on by HR departments, colleges, and hiring employers. They know what they want to see, and I hear what works from the people on the hiring end.

Why complete the questionnaire?

The direct answer is that it saves you money. When I get all of your information in one place at one time, it allows me to interview you more efficiently. It also helps me produce your resume faster and begin to find suitable job resources sooner. Of course, we can do the entire questionnaire by phone, if you prefer.

For those who need to keep to a bare-minimum budget, teamwork makes the process efficient and cost-effective. I supply the expertise to build the resume, and I maintain current knowledge about the job market, resources, and hiring practices. You do the work to gather your work history, and you provide additional details when I call. This system allows me to produce a high-quality resume and to help you select the best direction for your job search quickly.

Do you offer full service packages (searching, applications, appointment scheduling, etc.)?

Yes. If you need someone to manage the search, input postings, send thank you notes, take calls and schedule appointments with employers, interface with recruiters, handle daily or weekly job searches, and customize each application, as well as provide interview coaching, research companies prior to interviews, or even assist in planning a relocation. I offer any, or all, of those services and discuss rates on an individual basis.

Why are your prices lower than other professional resume services?

My prices are as low as possible to help both of us. You, as a job seeker, need professional help at an affordable rate. I want satisfied customers and referrals. My procedures are organized to make the most of my time and efficiently process your information. That’s why I prefer receiving the questionnaire before we talk.

The fewer times we have to go back and forth to develop your resume, the faster you receive the document and get out in the market. In addition, for professionals with substantial experience who want resumes specifically targeted to each application (as recommended by job coaches and recruiters), or multiple industries, a reasonable price allows excellent service options without being cost prohibitive.

Do you do resumes for consulting companies and recruiters?

Yes, I’ve had years of experience doing resumes for consultants, especially in high tech. If you need to have your consultants represented to your customers consistently and professionally, I’ll be happy to work with you.

Likewise, if you are a recruiter who has potential placements with poorly written resumes, I’ll gladly polish them up to present to your client companies. Often, I can do this and save you money at the same time.

What information do you need about my past/current responsibilities?

Please include results oriented and quantitative information. Employers don’t want to see a job description. They want to know what you do that can be measured.

Examples: Supervised 25 people. Implemented a 20-bank merger within 6 months and saved $1,000,000. Organized a convention for 200 vendors. Operate a phone system with 25 lines and 100 extensions. Give numbers and facts, regardless of your position. Think about the number of customers served, number of calls taken, number of cars washed per day, and so on.

Details about numbers of people supervised, their location (onshore/offshore/remote), size of budgets you managed, how much money a project saved and within what period, training programs you implemented or presented, numbers of consultants managed, responsibility for performance reviews, sizes of teams, staffing responsibilities, and reporting relationships, are critical for professionals and management people. Tips and reminders are on the questionnaire.

Then, we select and organize the facts with the most impact on your goal. Every job has quantifiable components. You give me the information. I’ll help you present it well.

Do you guarantee an interview or a job offer?

I absolutely guarantee your satisfaction with my service. My resumes get excellent results. You will be professionally presented and well-prepared. Even so, no one can guarantee you will be hired.

What are most guarantees really saying?

I won’t sugar-coat the facts. Even with low unemployment, there are more people looking for work than jobs that fit.  After all, there can be ten people out of work and none of them may be auto mechanics or master chefs.

Most guarantees state the writer/company will rewrite your resume for free, if you don’t get an interview. That doesn’t mean there was anything wrong with the resume the first time. The hiring process can be lengthy. Some industries have fewer job openings than others, and so on.

The guarantee entices you to pay more. Most changes (aka rewrites) are minor. Sometimes, the changes can even be detrimental to a good resume, but it makes you feel better.

You are better served spending a bit more to get more than one resume. Most people apply for a range of jobs. It’s most beneficial to have several targeted resumes. When you don’t have more than one resume, the resume can’t be closely targeted to more than one job. There may be over 200 applications for one opening. That’s why it’s important to target your resume to the specific job, and I help you do that.